Menlo Road Show: Agile 2010 Edition

If you’re going to the Agile 2010 conference, be sure to attend James’ Goebel and my sessions. At the very least, stop by and say hello! :-)

Tuesday, 8/10, 3:30 – 5:00 pm

It’s All in the Cards (Presenter: Lisamarie Babik) in Asia 4

The hallmarks of a “good” story card are that it describes business value, can be estimated, and can be tested. When I’m asked how to write good story cards, I typically answer, “You start by writing a couple hundred bad ones.” Like all things, it takes practice to improve. There are, however, ways to write better story cards from the start. This session will explore the good, the bad, and the ugly of story card writing using examples from real projects and will give participants an opportunity to exercise their story writing skills.

Thursday, 8/12, 9:00 – 10:30 am

Coaching Introverts: Building on their Quiet Strengths (Presenter: Lisamarie Babik) in Australia 3

In an Agile workplace it certainly seems that extroverts have the run of the roost. It’s loud. It’s interaction-intensive. It’s focused on rapid results. The introverts on your team can end up feeling excluded, overlooked, or simply misunderstood. What’s a coach to do? This session explores how knowledge of Myers-Briggs personality types can help you decipher the interactions & friction within your team. Building on Jennifer Kahnweiler’s Four Ps we’ll delve into ways to bring out the inherent leadership potential of the introverted agilista to make their voices heard.

How long would a Stand-Up meeting take with 85 people in it? (Presenter: James Goebel) in Asia 4

If an 8 person standup takes 20 minutes, a logical assumption is that 85 people could take nearly 3 hours. But what if that wasn’t true? At Menlo a daily standup with 85 people typically completes in 15 mins. What other beliefs might be wrong? What if you delivered an installable CD every week? If you collocate many projects together? If everyone had storycards? If sponsors had to move index cards to authorize work? If devs, designers, and QA pair full time? If you eliminate email & meetings? Join us for hands-on exercises and learn why logical assumptions about agile might just not be true.

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