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Lisa Ho
How long have you been working at Menlo?
I have been working at Menlo for 7 years.
What do you do at Menlo/what is your favorite aspect of your role?
I am a Project Manager! One of …[Read more]

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Furry, energetic joy

10:00 AM is the best time to be a dog at Menlo.
A dartboard bell rings, signalling the start of the daily stand-up meeting—and all the humans stand up and gather together into one mighty pack. They stand in a …[Read more]

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My “Dare to Dream Team”

In his book, Joy, Inc., Rich asks the question “What makes your heart sing?” In 2nd grade, I discovered that what makes my heart sing is writing. It became my dream to write a book. For many years I shelved …[Read more]

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A little color goes “the wrong” way: an update

Oh no…it’s getting worse! Since writing my last blog post, additional parking renovations have been done and many of the elevators have been replaced. I’m sure this will improve the users’ experience in many ways, as the old elevators ran …[Read more]

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A little color goes “the wrong” way

Every now and then I get inspired by those health reports on the news about how to incorporate healthy living into our busy everyday lives. My latest quest has been to try to take the stairs every day in the …[Read more]

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The satisfaction of a job well done: an experiment with personal kanban

I imagine working on cool projects and getting ahead on my responsibilities. However, when the time comes, I usually just relax on the couch and check Twitter. This week, variations in my schedule left me with a full day of …[Read more]

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Pairing and test-driven development: A reader’s experience in discovering if it really works

John M. recently paired in as a software developer so that he could experience Menlo’s culture firsthand. He shared with us the following recap of his experience:
My adventure to Menlo started by reading Joy, Inc. There were parts of …[Read more]

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Learning every day

In a place like Menlo, you don’t get to a point where you’ve learned all there is to learn about your job. I am reminded of that every day. I love that, and I thrive in this environment.
In the …[Read more]

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From the MA Insider: a review of Joy, Inc.

The following Joy, Inc. review, written by David Haynes, was originally published in the MA Insider, a publication of Manufacturers Alliance. He graciously allowed us to repost it here!
“I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all …[Read more]

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Joy and Human Resources

One of the joys of being an author is the personal interactions you have with people who have been touched by what you wrote. While it would be simple to assume that everyone wants joy in their work life, how …[Read more]

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